The Exiles Ever After, a Web Serial

The Exiles Ever After is an original web serial taking place in a fairy tale fusion world where artistic giants live in the sky, entire cities of tiny folk inhabit caves and hollow trees, an empress sits and waits and bides her time, and a very unfortunate giant baker named Ezra Kettle is exiled to the land. It features cursed royalty, at least one white bear, magical baking, humor, drama, romance and malevolent plants.

Link to the latest chapter: (Coming soon)

Book One: Bitter Sugar

Ezra Kettle, a baker down on his luck, is banished to the land far below his cloud-bound homeland for a crime he did not exactly commit. (It involved a beanstalk and a human kid with sticky fingers.) He’d rather avoid all the dangers of the human world and unlock the secrets of his family’s recipes on his own. Instead, he finds himself entangled with the fates of a human handmaiden/jester/bodyguard with a lying problem, the scientifically oriented princess she serves, and an overzealous (but pretty cute) would-be Prince Charming who rides a bear.

That’s to say nothing of the malevolent fairies, big bad wolves, uplifted moth, dimension-crossing fairy markets, dangerous plants, enchanted custard, and some very unfortunate curses.

First published on Jukepop.

Book Two: In Rot and Bloom

Ezra, Philomene, Basil and Marjorie return to the Flower Folk kingdom of Thumbelina in order to break its curse, only to find out someone else broke it first. That isn’t the first surprise in store for the four as a disaster begins brewing between two kingdoms, two witches, one ambitious noble, buddy cops, monster plants, and a distant empress.

First published on Jukepop.

Book Three: No Reflection

Our heroes of varying scale, origin, and magical curse face their most dangerous predicament yet, as Marjorie and Ezra are kidnapped through a mirror to the capital of the mysterious Ever After Empire. They must navigate the strange city of Monochrome as Basil, Philomene and Red ride to their rescue. All will face trials, revelations, unexpected switches and phantom idol singers as they struggle to reunite and learn the terrible secrets of Her Imperial Eternity.

Chapters serialized weekly!

Cover art by Heather R.